Holding Manufacturers Accountable For Dangerous Products

Federal safety regulations are supposed to protect Americans from dangerous products. Far too often, however, dangerous and defective products end up in stores, homes, vehicles and medical facilities across the country. Often, the dangers don't become apparent until an unsuspecting consumer suffers a tragic accident.

The legal system provides a way for seeking accountability in these cases. Through a product liability claim, you can not only pursue justice and compensation, but also help ensure the safety of the market as a whole by shedding light on dangerous products.

Get A Board-Certified Injury Lawyer On Your Side

At The Bratton Firm, P.C., we can help you do that. Based in Austin, our firm handles product liability cases on behalf of injury victims across Texas. We have the experience and knowledge to investigate defective products such as:

  • Appliances
  • Power tools
  • Cars and auto parts

Our attorney is among the 3 percent of Texas lawyers who are board-certified in personal injury law.* R. Louis Bratton draws on more than 30 years of experience securing justice for injury victims. He has handled complex cases on a nationwide scale. As a result, he is not afraid to take on large manufacturers, distributors, pharmaceutical companies and other negligent parties.

At our firm, you will work directly with Mr. Bratton through all stages of your case. You can feel confident that he will be an effective advocate for you and your loved ones.

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*Mr. Bratton is a certified specialist in personal injury trial law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.