Fighting For Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a serious problem that can arise in many contexts — in schools, extracurricular activities, professional offices and places of worship. When adults in a position of authority abuse their trust, innocent victims — whether adults or children — end up suffering a lifetime of physical and emotional harm.

At The Bratton Firm, P.C., we are one of only a small number of personal injury firms in Texas that help sexual abuse victims seek justice. We often take cases other firms turn down, because we believe an important way to combat sexual abuse is to expose it through the legal system and pursue accountability. To that end, we fight for compensation on behalf of victims from all walks of life who have suffered any form of sexual mistreatment.

At our office, you will find a caring and understanding legal team dedicated to helping you.

We will handle your case with the utmost respect for your dignity and privacy.

Understanding The Broad Scope Of Sexual Abuse

Many instances of abuse involve adults preying on children. However, sexual abuse can happen in a wide range of settings, with victims of any age. Put simply, sexual abuse occurs when vulnerable victims get taken advantage of by:

  • Teachers
  • Priests/pastors
  • Coaches
  • Scout leaders
  • Babysitters or child care providers
  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Lawyers
  • Counselors

When committed by anybody in a role of authority or trust, inappropriate sexual conduct crosses both legal and moral lines. You — or your child — should never have to suffer in silence as a result of sexual abuse. Our legal team can ensure that your voice is heard.

Discuss Your Rights During A Free, Confidential Consultation

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