Can An Injury Lawyer Help?

Being involved in an accident can be traumatic and scary. Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible in Texas so they are not going to give you all of the information you need to make decisions that best serve you. It is important to know how an injury lawyer can help and when to contact one.

1. First of all, were you injured?

If you were injured, you may need a lawyer to go up against the big insurance company. An experienced personal injury lawyer who works with car crash victims knows all of the tactics insurance companies use to protect their bottom line. An effective accident attorney also knows how to get the compensation you need to physically recover.

2. Is the insurance company trying to talk to you without you having a lawyer?

These companies do not care whether or not you receive a high standard of care or whether your get the treatment you need to fully heal. They are concerned with paying as little as possible. They may try and talk to you. Do not speak with the insurance company without fully understanding your rights.

The representative may be calling "just to see how you are doing" or check in on you. What the company rep is really doing is trying to get you to say you are doing okay so that they can avoid or stop payouts. Again, an experienced accident attorney can ensure that you are not taken advantage of when you are most vulnerable.

3. Do you fully understand what you are entitled to?

An accident can disorient you. The more serious your injuries the more difficult it may be for you to process, understand and effectively negotiate with a big company.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may think that all you are eligible to receive is payment for your medical bills and damage to your car. But what if you have missed days or a week or more of work? What if you need ongoing (and costly) therapy to get back to 100%? The insurance company is not going to offer everything you need.

4. The insurance company made me a settlement offer. It looks like it will cover my medical expenses. Should I take it?

An experienced accident attorney will be able to assess any offer and know whether the offer is reasonable considering the type of accident and the seriousness of the injuries and damage.

Your attorney can then explain your rights and what the offer will and will not cover. The decision to accept or reject any settlement is yours. However, you stand at a serious disadvantage if you do not know exactly:

  • What you are agreeing to
  • What compensation you are entitled to
  • What types of costs will be involved in your recovery

5. Are all accident lawyers the same?

No. There are attorneys who specialize in accident and attorneys who do not. There are attorneys who are not certified in personal injury trial law, and there are attorneys who are. Years of experience and relevant and successful cases also vary greatly from attorney to attorney and firm to firm. If you work with a big firm, it does not mean you will work with a lawyer who has accident experience or skill. R. Louis Bratton is certified in personal injury trial law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has over 30 years of successful accident case experience.

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