Experienced Legal Representation For Truck Accident Victims

Accidents involving 18-wheelers and other large trucks involve unique challenges. Often, the devastation is so extensive — and the injuries so serious — that the stakes are high for victims, insurance companies and defendants alike. Navigating these cases requires hands-on experience.

At The Bratton Firm, P.C. in Austin, Texas, we have that experience. Our attorney has devoted his entire career to helping accident victims. In 30-plus years of practice, he has handled high-stakes accident cases on a nationwide scale. You can benefit from his insight and dedication to achieving a full recovery for you and your loved ones.

Here, you can have peace of mind working directly with a board-certified personal injury lawyer.*

The Secret To Success In These Cases

Building a strong truck accident case requires putting in the legwork upfront. Our success stems from our attention to detail and thorough preparation. We will conduct an in-depth investigation to uncover all relevant evidence, working with top-notch experts in various fields to ensure accuracy.

Many sources of evidence can provide hints about what went wrong — for example:

  • Driver logbooks, which can reflect over-hours violations and fatigue from too many hours behind the wheel
  • Maintenance records, which may reveal mechanical problems that went overlooked or negligent repairs
  • The truck's "black box," or electronic control module, which contains data regarding speed, GPS location, amount of time driven, idle time and other key information

Other evidence may reveal improper loading, reckless driving, drunk driving or distracted driving — all potential contributing factors to deadly truck accidents. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that nothing will go overlooked.

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